ParentAlert is a revolutionary notification system.

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Features - Notification System



Manage Groups

Grouping can be used to quickly send a message to a targeted group of people. Contacts can belong to one or more groups allowing for flexibility. Manage Group functions include:

  • Create / Delete Groups
  • Add Parent(s) to Group(s)
  • Delete Parent(s) from Group(s)

Manage Contacts

  • Contact Name
  • Group(s)
  • Cell Phone Number, used to receive ParentAlert Message
  • Cell Phone Carrier

Batch Input

  • Allows for Batch Upload of Member Date, via .csv file
  • Specific format is given to allow for easier import

Send Message

Send a message to one or more contacts. Message can be sent out as an email, a text, or both. Files can also be attached to outgoing messages. Contacts may be selected as follows:

  • Entire School (All Contacts)
  • Selected by Group (One or More Groups)
  • Select Individual Contacts (One or More Parents)

Message Information

  • Subject Line
  • Message Text
  • Message Recipients
  • Date/Time Message was Sent


  • Ability to export all messages sent through the system
  • Ability to export all contacts contained in the system
  • Data will be downloaded in a .csv file